Chapter Two



On the previous blog, I started a journey and I called it part one. Lemme take this chance and apologize but it was the first chapter. In chapter two, there are several sub-topics I wanna explore and they are, the preference, the search, giving up, and finally the going back to search. Then we are going to enter the next chapter where some videos and pictures will be handier. The next chapter is now the practical bit. You will be with me on all dates and crazy adventures.

Then we are gonna know who is the one and what perceives next is dating and then marriage. Are you ready to endear the journey with me? Well alright, welcome once again and shall we talk about my preference and the advice I got from my elders.

Everyone has a preference for food to the kind of movies they hate. There is a criterion everyone is following in their uniqueness. And mine is simple and straight to the point. I also believe that the girl must have a preference for the kind of guy she is looking for so am gonna tell you about myself and the kind of person am looking for. First and foremost, I am old enough to legally say I want to get married. Am tall chocolate complexion, handsome, crazy, emotionally intelligent and smart young boy who loves simple meals, challenges to keep the mind open for new possibility.

The kind of girl I want has progressively changed over time to time. Back when I was in higher elementary school, I used to relish a girl/ who I may or may not have thrown a shoe (with help of some friends), fantasized about, and sent a gift basket with the help of the whole class. I never got an answer from her back then but at least we talk over Snapchat.

She had a sweet voice, she was calm and collected but when the games started to play, she changed and became someone else. I remember a time, she tackled me for the ball. Naah!!!?? Maybe am just the wrong person in memory.… so a set of characters I like are, calm, peaceful, collected, and knows when to be hyped up and when to do work.

So those are some of the character traits I look for. But since I got here, there has been a development of the future wife’s preference that has been included. I have gotten a chance to live with people who work in the healthcare department and might I say they matriculate on their living conditions. They like things clean and in order. They take every ounce of data seriously except for joke, of which they sometimes don’t get it. So I’d like to marry a doctor or a nurse. They spend hours at work only to come home and just sleep or play their work role at home.

The notion of a computer science guy wedding to a doctor kinda gives me comfortable thoughts. Imagine having kids who follow in your footsteps and if they don’t well, at least they will be in an interesting household. Do you know why? Well, lemme tell you why. A computer geek will often find themselves messy because their minds exist open to create many projects and expect anything. But for a doctor, things have to work in perfect Harmony otherwise, the patient’s death.

So it is a beautiful combination I’d like to be involved in. Having a person who wants things in order and the other guy might just be messy sometimes. But come to think of it, a computer geek looks for errors and makes sure they work properly with each other. Just like a human being, software needs all its classes to work.

As I conclude on the topic of my preference and venture into the next one, I just wanna say that I Am still learning whom to marry. I have met many beautiful people, grown up with gorgeous ladies, and am ready to meet new people.

Thank you for coming over and taking the time to read, I will continue with this lifelong blog. Be sure to share with friends and family.

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