My Jouney To Marriage

Hello, this is part one.

This time i have no order of how i will write this becasue i have been feeling kinda messed up. One story from the last to the first or the first to the last. I do not know how this will go but stick with me and if you decided to quit now, you are a chicken. Okay, thanks for sticking around. Lemme just say that the next few blogs will be an expedition for me looking for someone and you will be a witness to all the bumps and ditches I face.

Hi there my name is Bryan Mwangi and I am still a virgin. Well the kissing part am not a virgin, but sex, i have not done it. Yes, yes laugh all you want but i have a reason for not doing it. In a second i will explain. I had started a small series of blogs about me and my wife. i had a lot of errors so i called it quits but i am planning to go back to the story and rewrite it. I am open to critics and thoughts, just be kind when sharing your thoughts.

When i was in class 5, the Kenyan education system which is like 4th or 5th grade, my class teacher told us that we should be praying for our wives and husbands. Mind you that we are like 10year old kids. That’s when it all started. So whenever i met a girl and i liked her, that night i would fantasize and ask God, “Hey God, i pray that she is the one. Is she the one dear Lord?” I would wait for an answer but i got nothing. I met many and up to today I still meet many beautiful and gorgeous ladies and each night i would keep praying and asking God.

Time passed and it became and evening session with God and if you walked passed my room at night, you’d think am in a meeting. Anyway, let me not sidetrack from the story. As of six months ago, I have been in the United States of America and I have seen so many gorgeous women. Now i did not want to interact with most of them because i fear that I will meet a kind heart, get high hopes and then crushed with the thought that she is not acting special to me but that’s how she is to everyone else. The point is sometimes, i dislike kind girls, because you don’t know if she is flirting with you or just kind. But hanging out with them in a new land is worth it. They tell you their favorite places and try and convince you that that’s the best place.

In the course of the six months, i have approached the wise ones(old people, including my parents). And whenever I asked for advice on marriage and getting a wife, they would smile or laugh or giggle. Even my age mates. The thing is, if you are my friend and i tell you that i found a girl to marry, i mean in the future if like 3 to 5 years not immediately. Marriage, sex and family are very crucial to me and very sensitive. I have grown under a family of both the father and the mother present and how they have handled life made me want that kind of life, through thick and thin, for better for worse.

Don’t you think its beautiful to have a partner who not only supports you emotionally but also financial, mentally, spiritually and physically. I dont know if joining the gym with your partner is the physical support you think there is. Having bike rides and visiting friends and doing group things and all that. To me, it is beautiful just like Adam and Eve. I have had several role models for marriage and they never fail teaching a lesson even though they don’t know they are my role models lmao.

Sex is the other thing that I don’t take easily. If I sleep with you, know that you either are getting married to me or you gonna have my kid. I respect the protection option but I wanna enjoy it and get its fruit. The thought of soul ties and STI’s is still real in my mind. I am a believe of the word of the Lord Jesus and what he said about sex is important to me. I think this is also a reason why i haven’t gone on dates because i fear that the thought of the beautiful lady would be, “I hope we get to bed together tonight!!”

Maybe she is out there and we have already met, but in this era, are there virgin girls and if so, are they compatible. Speaking of compatibility, why don’t we ask advice from our parents and grandparents about marriage, we barely know much about life and anything about raising family. And parents, why dont you mentor us kids into the happy thought of getting a family. Like raising a family might be tough but it was your choice and you accepted the mission to procreate.

Anyway, I wanna apologize for not having a flow of thoughts. The next blog we will start of is how my journey of searching for a wife has been going part two and what are the learned lessons I have gotten. Have a nice time.

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