My friend and I decided to go out on a date, to a café that I like. The name of the place was called Crave Kitchen. It is a two-story building, popular for its wonderful service. That evening, my friend, Esther, wore a black dress for the date. It was fit and didn’t expose her body. She had a sweet scent that she got from her favourite perfume. We walked through the doors and saw a crowded coffee shop, all seats were occupied on the first floor of the building. We went to the second floor and got some seats. On the second floor, I got the feeling of being in the VIP section because I could see couples and business people. We could hear some jazz music played at a very low volume.

A waiter came to serve us a warm cup of coffee. The waiter later brought a plate of french fries, which were hot and spicy. They had a taste of pepper. On the corner of our table, you could feel the curvings of the name of the café. Since it was a late evening date, the lighting of the place was set on a sunset mood. It was a wonderful time I spent with Esther.

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