“To my favourite readers, this is an overdue blog that I have been working on for a long and now I have to publish it for the sake of my sanity. This was an effort of many friends and inspiration from my lifestyle. Thanks for reading, do share with your pals, I hope you learn something.”

Shall we get started by first answering the question above, is loyalty bought or earned? When I asked my friends this question, their answers were bizarre. Answers like: 

“It is earned.” – a couple of friends  

“It is experienced.” – Keith

“It is traded.” – my bestie

“It is given” – someone that I don’t remember

These are just some of the answers I got, they gave their reasons and looking at their perspective, you do get some of the points that, they are trying to show.

Okay, these are not terrible answers, but, to get the answer, we need to know what is loyalty. What is loyalty?

“It is the quantity of being loyal” – answer from the Google Dictionary

Huh?! You mean you can measure loyalness, so this means that it can be added or subtracted, gained or lost, appreciated or depreciated? Okay, well then, what does it mean to be loyal?

To be faithful to one’s oath, commitment or obligation.”

“Being faithful to any leader, party or cause or anything convinced as deserving fidelity.”

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A new term has been added to this blog, “Fidelity.” What is fidelity? Well according to the English dictionary, 

“Faithfulness to a person, cause or belief demonstrated by continuing loyalty and support.” – English Dictionary

 So what is loyalty, loyalness or fidelity because they bring out each other when trying to give meaning? Mmmhh!! Let’s think for a minute, loyalty is the measure of loyalness, loyalness is the deserving fidelity of something or someone or cause or belief, and, fidelity is the continuing loyalty and support.

What these three are trying to mean, (according to my brains thinking), is to stay faithful to something, or, in our case, someone while showing support. Now we know what loyalty is, we can tackle the bull by its horns. 

With this acknowledgement, can I be loyal to someone I know and yet DO NOT know me?

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Well, yes. Take this, for instance, ladies love (well, back in the past) Justin Beiber and, some were furious to know that he got married to someone. Or what about that soccer/football team (Man City) you defend with your breathe each time the topic is brought up, yet the players don’t know if you exist and defend them when they are insulted by your close friends (my apologies there but the truth hurts). 

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Using that instance of a lady-loving Justin Beiber very hard, how would you term such a loyalty displayed? Is it bought, earned, traded, given or is she just another die-hard fun of what he does? Can we group loyalty? Can we say that ‘Ooh, that is traded loyalty? Ooh, he just earned that loyalty.’ Are there types of loyalty? Can loyalty be ranked since it is a measurement of loyalness?

At this point, I am stuck.

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To me, there are certain ranks and levels of loyalty and with that, it brings different types of treatment. Since you show support and faithfulness, there have to be ways that loyalty is treated and cared for to preserve the relationship. Why else would you agree to be loyal to someone if there aren’t benefits from it? Remember that Loyalty is two-way traffic, you support someone (even if they don’t know you) at the expense of them satisfying something that you need in your life. Be it a close friend who you tel secrets, a bodyguard that protects you when going out to concerts or that favourite musician who released that hit single yesterday that made you have a good mood and sponsor your friends ti a mutura dinner.

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We have seen loyalty requires a relationship to be born into existence and grow. Loyalty is shaped by the relationship you have we that singer or friend or even parent and, the deeper the relationship, the strong the foundation of the loyalty based is. It shapes the treatment. You cannot tell me that how you treat your Bae and how you treat your classmate is the same. Or how you talk or defend your football team is the same as how you will defend your father or mother when they get insulted.

So my answer to the question, is loyalty bought or earned? It is neither. I may have to side with the answer, that says it is an experience or a better way to say is, 

“Loyalty is an investment. Since you spend enough time invested in someone and, in return, you get a satisfaction of what they offer to you.”- Keith.

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Thanks for reading, have an awesome time. Till next time!!


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