Preaching water, Drinking wine.

We all have heard this wise saying in almost everywhere we go. Whoever thought of this saying was truly practising it but, when he/she got corrected, it hit him/her hard. Maybe it was a preacher or a priest in the 16oo.
With that said, I wanna tell you my version of the story that depicts this saying. So am a firstborn in or home and I have several sisters. There is the time one of them gets sick so she becomes very inactive. If its a stomach problem, she probably would lie on the couch the whole day and when asked to do a task she would bring up the issue of being in pain. I get it, that they are in pain and all but, if you become inactive, your body lacks the heat and energy to fight off the illness.
So, what I would do is to give her the burden of our lastborn who is a year old. I would want them to do something not to look as if she is being punished with this short term illness. I would question her with the logic that she may understand why she should be active when she feels down or ill. Sometimes, my hard work would bore fruits but, at most times, they wouldn’t budge.
Now recently, I combated with a cold, but, how I felt was like all I needed to do was to rest and get warm. I was shivering, my mouth was shuttering, teeth-gnashing against each other and my head fights with a migraine. On the day that I was dealing with this illness, I was working on a project in the church, cable management and some installation. It had reached a point that my vision was affected. When we were done with the work, I was left alone in the church as my associate went to gather some other equipment for the next job. As I was waiting, the situation shifted into a worse condition and I had to toughen up because the guy in charge (a good friend of mine) came to check on the progress.
I stayed strong but, I couldn’t keep it up so, I had to inform him to go home. As I was leaving, he called me and told me, “Hey, Bryan. Are you a Christian?”
“Then you should live it as a lifestyle because Christianity is not a thing you do or say you are. I have never had a headache no matter how long and how many screens I use, you know why? Because each morning, I pray to God and tell Him that I will not become sick or have a headache. I believe so. It has been so long that I can’t remember the last time I had to take Panadol. So as you go home and rest, talk to God and tell him that you are not, going to have a headache anymore. If you don’t declare good things on yourself first, no one else will. YOU ARE YOUR FIRST PREACHER so declare good things and believe.”
As I went home, the thought kept ringing in my head and, I concluded that I was preaching to my sisters but doing the exact opposite. But now I know the truth, my eyes are opened.
Remember to do as you preach and not become a wine drinker while preaching about drinking water. Thanks for stopping by.

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