Pride Comes Before A Fall

Yes, pride comes before a fall is a saying we all know and have heard all our lives. Well, this story involves three things, a tree, a young man and six-packs. Yes, the thought is confusing but stay with me.

First, the young man is me and the six-packs belong to me. I have six-packs on my belly. It all began in the morning when I was heading to the shop to buy some breakfast stuff. I was drowsy and sleepy, my head was not in the game. Then I looked at myself, I wore a green pull-neck t-shirt, blue shorts and my toes were exposed to the sun by the sandals I wore.

I checked my abs and how my broad chest was lifting up the green t-shirt. And in the same line of thought, I kept inhaling and exhaling admiring the way my boobs looked. Little did I know that I was about to me in major news coverage about this topic. I kept inhaling and exhaling till I kissed the giver of air, a dead tree trunk.

Remember that tree I told about you earlier, well it had a different story to tell. It was a prop for the banana tree. The tree trunk was diagonal and it was across the path I was walking.

When you cut down a tree trunk, remove all its branches, there are marks left. So when I kissed the trunk, it wanted to leave me with something small to remember it.

So how does pride come in here, you can figure that outright? Good. So remember, PRIDE COMES BEFORE A FALL

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